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You wake up each morning just hanging to check out the interweb’s latest batch of selfie pouts and filter-feigned-faultlessness, right? You live to see who’s rocking what? Whose vacay-vibes are Vogue-worthy? Which style goals you should be realigning your life to meet?

Yeah, nah. Us neither.

It all just leaves us scratching our heads with our funny phalanges. We’d rather be reading a classic. Or getting weird and silly. Which is not say we don’t like fashion. Fashion, we love you! (But, seriously, we do wish you would take yourself a little less… seriously.) (Um, did we say little?)

So, here’s to less prancing; more dancing! Less celebrity clingers; more mini fingers! Less sultry looks; more good books!

Enjoy the new range. These guys are part surreal, part absurd, all classic, zero haught. Made from recyclable, BPA-free plastic.

Eye game strong. Hand game tiny.