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  • What magnification do I need?

    Use this easy, printable test chart to find out if you need a +1.0 (weak) or a +3.0 (strong) or nothing (get the +0).

  • Is blue light on everything?

    Yep! The same 30% blue light filter is on all styles and magnifications.

  • Can I put my own script in these glasses?

    No, these are not designed to have your own script fitted.

  • Can I wear +0 blue light glasses with my contacts?

    Sure! The blue light filter will not interact with your script, just be sure to select the +0 magnification.

  • But I wear -2.5 glasses?

    Sorry, we can’t help you! Negative and specialty scripts must be administered by a qualified optician, so please make an appointment with a friendly eye doc near you.

  • Tell me more about blue light.

    OK. Come on over here (link) and we will fill you in on blue light, discos and other slices of wisdom.

  • Can I drive in them?

    SHORT ANSWER: bad. LONG ANSWER: not in our product! our plastic frames are bpa-free and recyclabNot if you have purchased a pair with a magnification. If you are wearing a +1.0 +1.5 +2.0 +2.5 or +3.0 STOP YOUR CAR IMMEDIATELY! Remove and continue on your journey safely. If you have a +0, you may continue on your way. There is no magnification in this style, just a filter.

  • How do I recycle them?

    Follow our fun instructions!

  • Material Fact Sheet

    Our special material is known as TRITAN, which is a co-polyester with a lower carbon footprint than other injection eyewear materials, such as polycarbonate (PC). Tritan uses less energy and heat generation during processing than PC. It is strong, durable with excellent impact and chemical resistance for a long-lasting product. Tritan is BPA-free and made without other chemicals such as ortho-phthalate plasticisers and halogens found in PC. It is lightweight which means it is easy to wear on your face all day long AND it takes less energy to ship around the world.


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