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Everything About Us

So, who are we?

Here at The Book Club we don’t believe in taking things too seriously, we like to have fun, and believe that fashion is our friend.

We love offbeat and we love classic. We love bold and we love a bit of whimsy. But mostly, we love you-doing-you, and we love protecting your eyes!

The Book Club was formed to bring you the ultimate range of eyewear, offering both fashion and function, all whilst ensuring we don’t compromise our planet. We’ve all come to terms with the hard truth that we spend our lives glued to screens. That’s why we have your back, our blue light readers block 30% of blue light emitted from screens, helping to massively reduce the effects of Digital Eye Strain (Yes, that means you can keep scrolling for a bit longer!)

You also may be questioning the curious names of our glasses; these are all based on classic novels (we are The Book Club after all!) Have fun trying to unravel the original book tiles!
The Book Club Promise

Our Blue Light Lens block 30% of blue light emitted from screens.

Do Blue Light Lenses help?

Yes, that’s what we are here for! The Book Club eyewear blocks 30% of blue light emitted from screens from reaching your eyes.

Studies are ongoing, with research showing users report feeling less eye strain and a better night’s sleep after wearing ‘blue blocking’ lenses. And, we can assure you will look good too!

How do they work?

Our blue lens technology is designed to cut down BL UV400 by up to 30%.

Our blue lens technology is designed to cut down BL UV400 by up to 30%. The slight yellow tint coating the lens works to absorb harmful blue light rays, whilst still allowing other light to pass through.

If you also need a helping hand with magnification, not to fear our Ready Readers are also fitted with this same blue light technology!

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Statistics show 90% of people report using digital devices more than 2 hours each day and 77% of people report using two digital devices simultaneously!

We can’t escape the hard truth that we live in the digital age, we spend our lives glued to screens (even our books are on a screen!)

With our increased exposure to screens, we are undoubtedly increasing our exposure to blue light wavelengths and screen glare. 65% of people report experiencing symptoms of Dight Eye Strain. Disruptive sleep patterns (melatonin regulation), headaches, dry eyes and reduced attention spans are all common side effects to Digital Eye Strain.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the all things digital, but we won’t let our eyes suffer because of it.

Helping our Planet

You only live once. You only have one planet as well.

The Book Club are dedicated to helping our planet through developing eyewear which is sustainable, recyclable and BPA free. We are committed to sustainable practices that reduce our environmental impact.

Innovative Sustainable Materials

Welcome to the future, where plastics are made from Rice Straw + Recycled PP, rather than crude oil and other non-renewable nasties.

The raw rice straw material - sourced from key rice growing regions of China and Taiwan - is a by-product normally burned on site after grain is harvested.

The rice straw is then transformed to make up 35% of this new material combined with 65% post-consumer recycled polypropylene (PP).

The result - an organic, flecked look and tactile matte finish, propelling this bioplastic to the frontline of sustainable plastic alternatives!

BPA Free for the win!

All TBC eyewear is proudly BPA Free.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound found in plastics, such as polycarbonate and resin, which has been linked to adverse health effects in the brain and prostate glands of foetuses, infants and children. All things we would prefer to avoid! That’s why we decided to cut that out from the get-go.

Recycled & Recyclable

In 2021 TBC introduced new recycled and bio-plastic materials to our standard recyclable selection.

Our Rice Straw material has 66% recycled plastic content and from August 2021 new full plastic styles are made from recycled acrylic waste- how good!

Help to close the loop and recover materials by recycling your old TBC frames :)
The Book Club Range

Our blue light glasses are available in 6 magnification strengths:

Find Your Strength

Use the below Reading Glasses Chart to know your strength needs based on your age.
Your Age Recommended Strength

Under 40

+0.00 to +1.00

40 - 45

+1.00 to +1.25

45 - 50

+1.50 to +1.75

50 - 55

+2.00 to +2.25

55 - 60

+2.50 to +2.75

60 & Over

+3.00 to +4.00